Being well rounded

A sampling of things I did in the past seven days at Darden and around Charlottesville:

1. Attended the Darden Art Project gallery opening, which featured some amazing new photos, one of which I submitted and is partially used at the top of this blog;

2. Attended a talk with the Economic Minister from the Embassy of India about doing business in India;

3. Participated in a bowling tournament;

4. Went to a meeting being held in Darden’s new Innovation Lab, which is ridiculous.  Click through and take the virtual tour – I defy you to find another business school that willingly gives power tools to students.  In any case, it is an incredibly interesting space to be in now, I’ll be even more excited to see what comes out of the lab.

5. Tasted wine at Barboursville Vineyards, watched NCAA basketball at Boylan Heights (where we simultaneously sat in the spring sunshine at watched the games), ate sushi at Miyako, and saw with a band with a faculty member perform at Durty Nelly’s Pub.

Additionally, I did my normal course load, learned how a scroll compressor works, started to understand how interest rate swaps work, argued about ethics and freedom of speech, learned a new trick in Solver, reconnected with an old friend from my Army days, and found out another good friend was accepted to Darden in the class of 2012 (congrats to everyone who received that call or email this week).

The best week ever?  Hardly.  But it was pretty awesome.


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  1. love it!

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